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Hervey Bay and Fraser Island

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On Sunday I arrived into Hervey Bay where I was getting prepared for my 3 days to Fraser Island. The town itself is like a quieter version of Airlie Beach with a nice beach front with shops and restaurants. I chilled out at the beach that day and at 6pm I met up with the 31 other people for a full briefing on what to expect ahead of the trip. We were all split into four groups of 8 - it was myself, five other lads (2 from England, 2 from Sweden and 1 from Wales) and two girls from Germany. It was a strange split as every other group only had 1-2 guys max and the rest were girls. The Germans were not happy about it!

After the meeting we had to get our shopping budget ready so we kept it simple and went with everything advised on the list and it cost about 21 dollars each - not bad for 3 full days worth of food! Unfortunately, I got into a row straight away with the German girls who wanted a more 'efficient' list. They wanted to cut out practically everything - from the meat to the bread and butter etc. With six lads in the group and the Swedes admitting they are savages (which turned out to be very true) I was having none of it. In the end we agreed to pay more than the girls and off we went to get our food sorted followed by a box of Goon each. That evening we hung out on the beach and went to a local club at the end of the night.

Monday morning and we were up bright and early at 5.30am. We had another briefing, this time with our tour leader who advised us people have been killed on the trip, bitten by snakes and dingos etc. Lovely! He then announced that one person had to change from our group to another due to seats on our jeep - it would however just be for the jeep trips. Immediately the Germans came into my head as they were no fun and it had to be a non driver - neither of them were old enough. More fighting resumed but eventually they gave in and off they went. In came an English girl who we met the night before who wasn't happy with her group and we were ready to go!


I had 3 of the best days I've had on this whole entire trip on the Island. It was just brilliant fun. During the day we visited 3 amazing fresh water lakes, hung out at the beaches, trekked through rainforests and enjoyed taking turns driving the jeep over normal terrain and on the beach as well. Our group was very much a lads one and there was a lot of banter - from singing Oasis songs on one of the guys iPhones to being naughty and overtaking the slower cars it was great craic.




We spent two nights at an Aboriginal camp site and we were very lucky as it is one of the few without a curfew and we were allowed to have a fire - the only conditions from the Aboriginals were not to spit in the fire or whistle after sunset as it 'attracted evil spirits'. Bless them. Each evening we'd cook dinner and then get stuck into the Goon over a number of drinking games. The best one involved putting cards down which had an action everyone had to do straight away - the slowest person would then have to drink half a cup. My favourite action was shouting 'Everyone get to the chopper!' in an overly dramatic Arnie voice while simulating a helicopter motion above your head. Very funny seeing 20+ people doing it at the same time. Later on in the evenings we would head to the beach where I was brought back to my youth - drinking outdoors under the most amazing stars playing the likes of Truth or Dare and 'Spin the Torch' was more fun than I remembered.

There are a couple of downsides to staying in a camp fire - you have to be covered in anti mosquito spray the whole time or they will eat you alive. I put it on and still got bitten. A few even managed to fly up my t-shirt and bite both sides of my stomach. Feckin mosquitos! I haven't stayed in a tent in years and now I remember why. I had two of the worst nights sleep ever with a rock hard base and a towel for a pillow. Thank god I was drunk enough on Goon otherwise I'd have gotten no sleep. And finally, the dirt and sand. It got everywhere and you were filthy the whole time - the showers were ice cold with a dribble of water so I didn't bother with it. You just had to embrace it. All of the above was well worth it though for the craic we had.




The German girls annoyed the hell out of me and everyone else on the trip - despite wanting very little food they ate just as much as the rest of us and constantly spoke in German to one another and you could just tell they were slagging us off. To them we were immature boys and to us they were stereotypical Germans with little personality and no fun factor at all. We did amuse ourselves though several times pretending there were spiders in their bags and hiding their lunch which didn't go down too well. For the record there are a huge amount of Germans over here, more than any other nationality and a lot of them are really nice. It's just a few that give them a bad name. Aside from Germans, the most common nationalities are English, Scandinavians and Irish! For a country of just 4 million, it's hilarious that you run into other Irish travellers on every trip, hostel and Greyhound bus along the way. Who the hell is left in our country?


We got back from Fraser on Tuesday and that night some of us got together for a final shindig on the beach with more Goon and a small after party. Most of the people I met on the Whitsunday and Fraser Island trips were amazing fun - it's sad when they end as everyone is going in different directions and it's a pity you have to say goodbye. You form friendship bonds very quickly when you're travelling alone - Facebook is great for staying in touch though and luckily a few will be in Surfers Paradise the same time as me. Wednesday morning was another early start - up at 7am, out of my hostel and off to Brisbane!

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Great reading, even if you are making me jealous as I freeze in minus 20s and foot-deep snow here. But I'll be over in Thailand while you're back in broken Ireland for Christmas ;)

I can relate to your German girls troubles!

by Harrow

Haha, thanks. When are you in Thailand until? I'll be there on the 6th January..

by mattld

Hmmm I'm in Bali for January mostly, but I will be in Bangkok on the night of the 8th, if there's any chance you're around then!

by Harrow

Brilliant! I'll be in Bangkok from the 7th for a few nights - we are so going out. I smell an Asian karaoke bar already :D

by mattld

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