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'I think I was Asian in a past life'

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Just a quick update before the weekend commences. Spent the last few days around the Chinatown district immersing myself in all things Asian. Yes you read the tagline for this post correct, I think I was Asian in a past life! Lol. No seriously I'm loving the Asian influences in Sydney there's times where you feel that you aren't even in Australia. So what did I do that was Asian this week?

1: Had a Korean BBQ with Frankie - meatalicious

2: Went to the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour (so beautiful and peaceful)



3: Went to Wagamamas (never been before it's great! My new fave restaurant)

4: Went to Paddy's Market in Chinatown to try and get a last minute Halloween costume but to no avail. However I came across this poor '78 year old Korean war veteran' dressed in a highly questionable and camp outfit donning a huala hoop. I gave him a dollar don't worry!


5: Tried Squid for the first time! It wasn't bad, a little chewy but I liked it. Does that count as Asian? :)

Ok so I haven't become a Buddhist just yet (but if I was to pick a religion it would be that one - the more I read about it the more interesting it is), but I am already looking forward to spending more time in Asia next year on my travels. I'd love to fit China and Japan in if I could afford it, must look at that more closely.

Two annoying things this week. I haven't been able to get any volunteer work which is something I really wanted to do. I emailed about 10 different companies and only half came back to me! I booked an appointment with the volunteer centre and it took me a week before they would see me - absolutely rediculous. They then said nothing was on offer during that time. I have to get a police check done which takes weeks etc. and it needs to be more long term. I would have been happy to help out at Meals on Wheels even behind the scenes for a few weeks even but no they wouldn't let me do that. I'll definitely do something next year when I'm home. And the other thing is I'm missing Halloween in Ireland! People are dressing up here somewhat but it's just not the same. Halloween in 20-25 degree weather = wrong wrong wong. So enjoy it all back home, for the first time on my trip I'm slightly jealous! Have a great one x

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yes , i agree your post . pics really very good .

by walks of italy

Great to hear Wagamamas can be added to the restaurant-option list!

by Alex

Alex - yes definitely :)

by mattld

Be careful... I've got a thing for Asians ;)
Great to find this blog, and I'm all subscribed, enjoy Therese! And listen to Drömhus before you go - you should like them!

by Harrow

Thanks. I will have a listen, email me a good link :D

by Matt

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