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Halloween, Taronga Zoo and Red Paint

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Spending Halloween weekend in Sydney was interesting, if a little uneventful. For the first time ever in my life my ears weren't constantly listening to the sound of bangers and fireworks going off for at least a full week (maybe that's just from living in the Northside of Dublin then?). I have to say though I was missing home a little. To be fair to the Australians, many of them got dressed up and there were a lot of fancy dress parties going on. But knowing that most of the city wasn't bothered and that very few kids (I didn't see any living in the city) were not trick or treating was a little sad - you all know I'm a big kid and love Halloween lol. I couldn't resist a snap of the only pumpkin I came across.


I tried to get a last minute costume but couldn't find anything reasonable in the end. I was in Paddy's Market when it was closing and panicked so I quickly tried to bargain with a 100 year old little Asian lady for a dressing gown, pyjamas and slippers for some sort of theme. I offered 20, she wanted 23 and was having none of it! Don't they bargain at market stalls, what the hell? Thank god though it would have been a crap costume. The club I ended up in on Saturday night had about 2% of the place dressed up. I would have been scarlet in my dressing gown and accessories. There's not many horror films on TV either here but I made up for that in the cinema seeing Paranormal Activity 2 (3 bits in that scared the bejaysus out of me) and Saw 3D (meh!) last week. I've had a cinema overdose lately so there's practically nothing left I want to see.

On Monday myself and Frankie went to Taronga Zoo. I had been two years ago but really wanted to go back - it's probably the best zoo I've been to and you can get a very nice ferry trip from Circular Quay over to the island where it's based. Unfortunately weather in the past week has been hit and miss and an hour after we arrived it started to lash rain! Feck it. We paid our money and we were seeing every last animal on offer.


So off we went around the park in the rain until a point came where we were so wet it didn't matter anymore. That's when it's kinda fun! All the Australians had proper raingear and umbrellas - there we were the two Irish fools walking around with nothing and Frankie even had flip flops on. A good (if very wet) day was had and we managed to get a few decent pics and the few obligatory cheesy ones (Clare eat your heart out).



That night I met with Andrew's mate Michael for Malaysian (see I'm packing in the oul Asian meals) in Chinatown and had a decentish curry (although I hate it when they give you half the cartilage with the chicken as well in the bowl of sauce!). Thank god I didn't opt for the fish option (as if) as poor Michael had about 50 bones to pick out of his mouth throughout his meal. The highlight though was a fine dessert, 'Roti Tissu' which is effectively paper thin batter, covered in sugar and all things fatty wrapped around in a cone shape. You can have it served with either fish or ice-cream. Hmmm what a difficult choice... As Bruno says, Carbicide! Loved it though.


Today (Tuesday) I continued some more sightseeing by going to the Australian Museum with Andrew. Really nice place it focussed mainly on dinosaurs (my fave), animals, birds, insects etc. and a big section on the Aboriginal people (the PC term which I must remember when drunk is Indigenous Australians). I was nicely enlightened by the end of it! Although we were kicked out halfway through as someone set off the fire alarm so we had to wait in Hyde Park before we could go back in. Annoyance! Chilling out now back in the apartment and getting an early night.

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That way you can get notified when it's updated (no spam I promise) and don't have to be frantically refreshing all day long ;P Suze/Will that's another idea I've stolen off you from your travels sorry! I hope everyone had a great weekend - if you're reading this and haven't spoken to me lately drop me a line and let me know how things are going back home. Always great to get emails off you guys.

PS: Health Witch Mary Harney being covered in red paint on Halloween weekend in public - LOVE IT! Only in Ireland. It should have been my fave 'gay icon' politician Joan Burton throwing it at her :D

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