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They think it's all over? It is (for) now...

I've been back in Dublin just over a week now and after a few days it almost feels like I've never been away. Picking highlights from the trip is difficult as there are many. If we had to pick one stand out country we'd both agree that China wins hands down. It has so much to offer... the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai, the Rice Fields in Guilin, Hong Kong etc. It's a fascinating place to visit.


Whether you've read one of our entries or most of them, thank you for taking the time to follow us on our three and half month trip. We had a truly amazing experience. The blog was always written a bit 'tongue in cheek' and I hope you didn't take any of my moaning or slagging too seriously. Hopefully we've inspired you to do some travelling of your own. The world is a big place, and life's too short. Get out there and do it.

I also want to thank Alberto for being my photographer, travel companion and loving partner. The trip wouldn't have been half as enjoyable without him. And a big shout out to our friends (both old and new) who shared part of the adventure with us. Love you guys.

It's not all fun and games when you travel though. Mosquitos and deet, air conditioning on full blast, dodgy food, language dramas, buses breaking down, your bank card not working, losing things, the humidity and heat, being stuck at derelect bus stations, god awful rooms you have to sleep in, people trying to rip you off constantly... And don't forget the planning, travelling and money involved!

This little montage of photos (new to the blog) will remind me why it's all worthwhile.




























Costa Rica:










And last but not least, the award for best 'Lost in Translation' goes to:


This blog entry is my 60th since I first went backpacking four years ago and it's my last for the time being. We move to Australia this Sunday and that's a whole other adventure. But I'm sure we'll get itchy feet in the future, it's just a question of when... perhaps India will be next? Until then, take care and happy travels!


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Here we go again...

Almost four years ago I set off on my own to travel around the globe. It was one of the best experiences I ever had and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would head off for another backpacking adventure. This time I'm even luckier to be travelling with my partner Alberto and we're spending the next four months in Asia and Central America, before we move to Australia for what we think will be a year or two. Tomorrow morning we fly out to Beijing for our first stop. We spend roughly 3-4 weeks in China, 3 weeks in Thailand (I had to go back) and then we have a month in Indonesia. There's a quick pit stop in Dublin for three days and then it's on to Costa Rica as we make our way north to Guatemala *deep breath*. I know very little about Central America and can't wait to find out more. We spend two weeks at home for Christmas (that's Ireland for me and Spain for Alberto). And then we're off to Sydney. A new job is waiting for me on January 5th, but I won't think too much about that right now. The last three days have been exhausting. The photograph below doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea...


Packing up a house is not easy. It's made all the more difficult when followed by three nights of parties (thanks to great friends who have sent us off in style). Right now I have no home, no car (sold to my brother) and no job. I must say it's very liberating. I'm sitting in my mum's sitting room at the minute to upload the first blog entry. I'm looking forward to some sleep and then it's an early start, up at 6.30am for our 9.20am flight. It seems Facebook is banned in China so we'll be using the blog to keep our friends and family up to date on our travel. Hopefully it might serve some purpose to you, whether you're interested in the places we're visiting or just want to have a laugh at our expense at the culture shock we're allegedly about to receive.

If you're following let us know and comment (or throw questions our way). You can sign up for notifications as well. I'm sure we'll be back at the end of the week with a few interesting stories :)

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Christmas in Ireland

snow -2 °C

I've been back in Dublin for five days now - it feels weird posting a blog entry in Ireland. I have to say I'm really happy to be home. Christmas just isn't the same otherwise. Getting back from Sydney was a long journey though - 8 hours to Singapore, 2 hour wait there, 11 hours to Frankfurt, 5 hour wait there and finally a 2 hour flight to Dublin.

Holidays Highlights (So Far)
5: Byron Bay
4: Singapore
3: Whitsundays
2: Sydney
1: Frasier Island

I've enjoyed catching up with my family and friends over the past few days. I'm home for three weeks before I fly to Bangkok on January 7th. I'll spend 2 months travelling across South East Asia, covering Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos with Carly. We're hoping to make a visit to Hong Kong and Macau all going well. Following that I'll spend 1 more week in Sydney, 3 in New Zealand, 2 in Fiji and 1 in LA/San Diego. I'll be home then at the end of April. It all seems like a long way away but I know it will fly.

Next blog update will be in the second week of January from Thailand. For now, Happy Christmas everyone and here are some pics from home...







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